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All Season Tires:

If you’re looking for a ‘jack-of-all-trades’, this is the category that you should ask about. These tires will provide a good ride on dry roads, but have treads designed to also perform well on wet or rough surfaces. Ask our professional sales force about the longevity and noise level of an all season tire. The type of material used in tires can dictate how smooth and quiet your ride will be or how long it will last. We’d love to help you figure out what the best match is for your needs.

Winter Tires:

When you live in a state that has weather patterns like Ohio, you’ll want to consider a set of winter tires. Whether you’re accelerating, turning, or braking, traction is a huge plus in the snow and ice. Once you experience winter driving with the extra confidence of a good set of winter tires, you’ll never go without them again. We’ll even store your extra set of tires in the off season! Be warned though, if you want a set, we would advise that you beat the crowd and get them on before that first snow flies!

Touring Tires:

Touring tires will provide the best ride you can get if your driving is done on mostly smooth, dry roads. They’ll also do well in the rain, but they’re certainly not made for icy or snowy conditions, and they won’t hold up well on gravel or chip-and-seal. These tires will provide a phenomenal ride in the proper conditions, but they won’t do well if you try using them for purposes for which they’re not intended. We’d love to help you decide whether these would be a good fit for you!

Performance Tires:

Are you convinced that you were born with racing in your blood? Do you tend to push your car to its performance limits? Well, then you’re in the right category. Performance tires are for the folks that love the feel of pulling some extra G’s in the turn, and smelling a mixture of exhaust and rubber when you drop that right foot. Grip is the name of the game here, and since a softer rubber is a way to achieve that, performance tires aren’t typically the most durable option on the market. But if I know you, you wouldn’t let that get in the way of the satisfying rush of adrenaline that you’re after.

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